Dr. Robert J. Brown, Jr.
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Locust Grove, GA  30248

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·       A person who loves to work with students and help them achieve real understanding of mathematics and how it underpins the technologies that shape our lives.  I have worked with students at all levels from learning support to those preparing for scientific and high tech careers.   I have also enjoyed teaching information technology and relating my real life experience in shaping many of these technologies we use today.   In the past eight years, I have been given the opportunity to chair the Math and Science Division at East Georgia State College in Swainsboro, GA. and to seek ways to further enhance EGSC’s positive impact on students.  The Division has grown and the position has evolved into Dean of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.  East Georgia State College Web Page

·       During 31 years in research and development at Bell Telephone Laboratories, I taught and mentored scores of engineers and researchers.  Many of these have attained positions of leadership and prominence in the technical and scientific community.  In my teaching at East Georgia State College I regularly provided examples from my research and development experience to my students and related it to the problems we are solved in class.

·       Extensive experience in digital and analog transmission system development including integrated satellite and terrestrial system design and optimization.  Also, have developed highly secure high speed wireless LANs using the IEEE 802.11 standard.

·       Extensive experience in RF microwave and millimeter-wave link design

·       Proven manager of projects with tight schedules and diverse program constraints.

·       Managed several large projects including development of the Telstar 4 Satellites, earth station hardware and software, and satellite data network architectures.

·       Have demonstrated effective working relationships with diverse organizational structures including manufacturing, operations, marketing, engineering, and outside suppliers.

·       Solid understanding of and extensive experience in communications networks including voice, data, packet switching, and data protocols.

·       Very knowledgeable of developments in multi-media communications.

·       Experienced in development of hardware and software, integrated systems and their transfer into manufacturing.

·       Demonstrated problem solving capability in a teamwork setting.

·       Managed several large projects including development of the Telstar 4 Satellites, earth station hardware and software, and satellite data network architectures. See You Tube video on Telstar 302 and Telstar 402  Telstar 401 Launch




August 2007 –December 2015 - East Georgia State College -Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Math and Science Division, this position evolved to Dean of the School of Mathematics & Natural Sciences

I was responsible for the School of Mathematics and Science with approximately 36 full and part time instructors.  I also taught Mathematics including Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, College Algebra, and Learning Support Mathematics.  I have worked to bring new technology to the classroom for use by all of our instructors. The first Bachelor of Science Degree program at EGSC (BS in Biology) was developed in the School of Math and Science.  I have also been Director of a Math Science Partnership Grant that provided training for middle and high school teachers in Emanuel and surrounding counties in the new Georgia Math and Science curriculum.  I was delighted to have my calculus students compete in the State Math Tournament for Two Year Colleges.

January 2002 – August 2007 - East Georgia College - Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science

I taught Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, College Algebra, Learning Support Mathematics, Introduction to IT, and Data Networking. I brought technology to the classroom and used it regularly to enhance my lectures and classroom exercises.  I introduced on-line homework to the students that allows their work to be graded and provide instant feedback to them on their progress.  I developed on-line videos for my students to provide instruction to them anywhere and anytime they required the information.  My Telstar 4 Team

1999 to January 2002 - Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs/Agree Systems - Supervisor/Technical Manager 

I was a Technical Manager responsible for systems engineering and systems integration and test for advanced wireless access systems supporting digital voice and high speed data and multimedia services.  In 2000, was part of the core management team that introduced the world’s first high speed wireless LAN providing high security with per-user, per-session encryption key generation over the wireless link.  We also delivered WI-FI clients and routers to many well-known leading computer companies including Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Apple.  I also led the department’s effort in providing Tier 4 technical support for the wireless networks including call center support. 

1995 to 1999 - Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs - Supervisor/Technical Manager 

Technical Manager in Fiber Optic Engineering Department at Lucent’s Atlanta Works.  Responsible for development and engineering for optical fiber measurements, high speed processing and coloring of optical fiber for undersea applications, and development of hardware and software for control of high speed processing of optical fiber.  Responsible for $50M capital expansion project.  Group led in development of WEB-based support of manufacturing operations.  

1977 to 1995 - AT&T Bell Laboratories - Supervisor/Technical Manager 

Telstar 4 Technical Program Manager ($700 M program) responsible for oversight of  development of AT&T's latest generation hybrid communications satellites by Martin Marietta Astro Space.   Supervised sixteen engineers with expertise in all areas of satellite technology.  The responsibility included all spacecraft hardware/software and satellite control facility hardware/software.  Telstar 401 was launched successfully in December 1993 from Cape Canaveral.  (1993 - 1995) 

Led hardware and firmware development for voice interface module (VIM) for AT&T Tridom's VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals) network offering.  This development included compressed voice codec (4.8/8.0 Kbps) using DSP 32 with signaling and control using Motorola micro-processor.  The VIM was deployed in a number of international locations to provide voice communications.  (1991-1992) 

Had overall responsibility for the technical evaluation of Tridom's VSAT architecture and overall capabilities.  The evaluation led to AT&T's acquisition of Tridom which designs, manufactures, and integrates VSAT data networks worldwide. (1987) 

Managed the development and deployment of AT&T's first satellite-based data communications network, a highly versatile network offering providing packet switching, protocol conversion, and advanced maintenance features.  Overall responsibilities included system architecture development as well as frequent interaction with customers and the AT&T marketing and sales organizations. (1985-1990) 

Was responsible for developing business case for an integrated voice/data satellite network.  Led group in development of satellite transmission system hardware for AT&T Communications. (1983-1985) 

Directed an international field trial on an INTELSAT V Satellite in conjunction with COMSAT and the Deutsch Bundespost.  Results confirmed the potential for a ten-fold increase in capacity.  Received AT&T Communications Innovations Award (1983). (1982-1983)

Supervised the development of the world's first satellite Companded Single-Sideband (CSSB) transmission system.  Increased the capacity of AT&T's satellites four-fold. Received AT&T Communications Innovations Award (1982). (1980-1983) 

Led group effort in the design and specification of communication payload for Telstar 3, AT&T's third-generation satellite system.  (1977-1980)

1971-77 - Member of Technical Staff, Waveguide Laboratory

Developed computer automated measurement of 40 to 110 GHz millimeter waveguide transmission parameters.  Began work in 1974 in satellite systems engineering of 18/30 GHz satellite networks. 




B EE (co-op)   Georgia Institute of Technology, June 1968 (With Highest Honor)  GPA 3.7

MS EE            Georgia Institute of Technology, June 1969 GPA 4.0

PhD EE           Georgia Institute of Technology, June 1971 GPA 4.0

Scientific and Professional Societies

Senior Member of IEEE (Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers), Member of Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Society), Eta Kappa Nu (Freshman Honorary Society), and Phi Kappa Phi (National Academic Honorary Society)

Service to the College:

During my fourteen years at East Georgia State College I have enjoyed serving on committees, helping other professors in using technology, and supporting so many of the fine programs that help students. 

Service to the Community:

I have enjoyed living in Swainsboro and the surrounding area.  I have been involved with high schools, service clubs, county and regional economic development authorities, as well as many local citizens. Perhaps my most satisfactory project was editing and producing videos of interviews with World War II veterans.  I have also served as a deacon in my local church. 


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