During the Pandemic I taught 14 Sunday School lessons on the Book of Daniel, 

I streamed them through our church web site using Vimeo,  You may click on each lesson below:

LESSON 1   A Diet for Success DANIEL 1:1-21 https://vimeo.com/455944313

LESSON 2   The Impossible Dream DANIEL 2:1-30  https://vimeo.com/458201885

LESSON 3   The Dream Revealed DANIEL 2:31-49  https://vimeo.com/459356878

LESSON 4   Cool in the Furnace DANIEL 3:1-30  https://vimeo.com/461158677

LESSON 5   Put Out to Pasture DANIEL 4:1-37   https://vimeo.com/462154119

LESSON 6   The Handwriting on the Wall DANIEL 5:1-31  https://vimeo.com/463491711

LESSON 7   Living in the Lionís Den DANIEL 6:1-28  https://vimeo.com/465445820

LESSON 8   Back to the Future DANIEL 7:1-28   https://vimeo.com/467071636

LESSON 9   A Glimpse of the Future DANIEL 8:1-27  https://vimeo.com/469606033

LESSON 10   Danielís Prayer of Confession DANIEL 9:1-23  https://vimeo.com/474400781

LESSON 11   The Beginning of the End DANIEL 9:23-27 8   https://vimeo.com/483103386

LESSON 12   The Power of Prayer DANIEL 10:1-21   https://vimeo.com/485110670

LESSON 13   History in the Making DANIEL 11:1-45   https://vimeo.com/487947099

LESSON 14   Shine Like the Stars DANIEL 12:1-13    https://vimeo.com/490920635