Bob Brown, Sr.
Quartermaster Corps - China/Burma/India

William Roy Pannell
28th Division - 109th Regiment

Billie Randolph
35th Infantry Division - Battle of the Bulge














James W. Estes
32nd Division - Occupation of Japan

Jack Thomas Jackson
US Navy Medic Corpsman


His World War II Story
China-Burma-India Theater Situation
Why Daddy Had To Fly The Hump

Supplying Our Chinese Allies
Daddy Is On The CBI Wall of Honor
His World War II Story
Operation Cobra
The Hedgerow Battles
Why Hurtgen Was So Bad
One Man's Account - Hurtgen
Hurtgen Forest Battle
A Thesis on the 28th
His World War II Story
The Hedgerow Battles
Entering St. Lo, France
Liberating Nancy, France
Battle of the Bulge
His World War II Story
His Pre-World War II Story
After the War
Occupation of Japan
His World War II Story