First Precalculus Assignment


Copy this list and paste in your e-mail and answer each question after the question.

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First Precalculus Assignment


Complete by Friday August 21.

Reply to this e-mail and answer each question in the e-mail after the question.

1.    What is your major?
2.    What profession do you plan to pursue?
3.    What would you like to have accomplished in 10 years?
4.    What is your favorite subject (it does not have to be math!)?
5.    What is the best way for me to give you help in Math?
6.    What do you enjoy doing when you are not studying?
7.    Which EGSC campus location could you easily come to for 4 proctored quizzes and the final exam? Swainsboro, Statesboro, or Augusta.  If none work for you respond with ProctorU.
8.    If you cannot come to campus for a proctored quiz, you need to inform me immediately so that we can make other arrangements.  Using ProctorU is a possibility only for students that cannot get to campus easily. The student pays a fee to take the exam.  The charge is generally about $20, but can vary with the length of the exam.  You may learn more about this option at the following web site:

9.  For the proctored Tests 1-4 and Final Exam please select the day (Thursday or Friday for tests and Wednesday or Thursday for final) and the time (9-11 am or 2-4 pm) for each test.

Test 1 - Sept 10 or Sept 11 specify am or pm

Test 2 - Oct 15 or Oct 16 specify am or pm

Test 3 Nov 5 or Nov 6 specify am or pm             

Test 4 - Nov 19 or Nov 20 specify am or pm            

Final Exam Wednesday or Thursday Dec 9 or Dec 10 specify am or pm

10. What is your cell number?  You do not have to share, but it might help communications.

11.    Share with me anything you care to about yourself.  You are not required to answer this question

12.  Do you have any questions?

Good Luck Everyone,

Dr. Bob Brown