Introductory Email For Reference


Precalculus Students,

Welcome to Math 1113 Precalculus Online at East Georgia State College! CRN 80229

Please copy this e-mail and keep it in your notes and develop your calendar to keep you on track this semester.  This is also on D2L.

We have all been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for several months and I trust all of you are doing well.  Please contact me if there is any way I can assist you.  Because this course is on-line, there should be very few issues that will come up.  One particular area is having tests proctored at the various campus locations.  If you normally would use Proctor-U, please do so.  If you are proctored on campus, see the COVID-19 Protocol required for on-campus visits.  I also would ask that you let me know how flexible you are in testing days (see questionnaire below).

I am excited to be teaching Math 1113 on-line.  My top priority is doing everything I can to help you be successful in this course.   I am sending this e-mail out a few days early.   If you want, you can get a head start and look at some of the material that we will be covering.  If you will, please reply now that you received the e-mail.  You can also work on the first assignment early. You should check your e-mail every day (maybe several times a day) to keep current about what is required. 
One of the most important ways you can help me help you is to answer emails from me promptly.  I will be using CATMAIL with EGSC exclusively.  We can also communicate with text and cellphone.

You can also view this email on D2L as well as my PreCal WEB Page at

Note that, for on-line classes, we will be following the Swainsboro/Statesboro Academic Calendar.

For now, here is a quick list of things you should do the first week of class or sooner:

1.       Go to link to view an introductory video to the course.  An outline of the contents is attached to this e-mail and it includes the first assignment due Friday August 21.  This outline and the video show all you need to do to get started.  If you do not complete the assignment, you may be dropped for non-attendance.

2.      Login to My EGSC   and find the links to your EGSC email account and the GaView D2L Web Site.  In D2L, access this course name “
Pre-Calculus Section W Fall 2020 CO”.

Look at the contents page and you will see links to my personal web page, and links to the Syllabus, A Weekly Schedule with links to videos, Pre-Calculus Resources, notes for each section, and other resources for the course.  I will, in a separate e-mail, send out the notes for first two weeks in case you are not listed on D2L yet.

3.      Textbook and MyMathLab - You don't have to buy a traditional printed textbook for the course BUT you do HAVE to buy a MyMathLab passcode for the course. You can find this in the GSU or Swainsboro bookstores or you can buy this online. Go to

and follow the information to buy the code online.  Note you will need to enter our MyMathLab Course ID
brown37673Note:   If you are waiting for financial aid, you can get a 14 day free pass and pay when you get the passcode.   You have no excuse for stating your homework on time.

NOTE: You should be able to use the same passcode that you used for Math 1111 College Algebra if you took it at EGSC in the last two years. If you have technical problems with the registration process or any other MyMathLab problems, you will need to contact the MyMathLab support number at 1-800-677-6337 or go to  

and follow the info. MyMathLab is the textbook website and is independent of EGSC. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GET YOUR MYMATHLAB PASSCODE YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME. 

MyMathLab also includes a lot of optional items and I do not expect all to be done (they are not required).  Some of the options might provide a review or a little extra help.  The homework is mandatory. 
My experience in past semesters has conclusively shown that if you do not do the homework (essentially all of it), YOU WILL NOT PASS!  Please decide now that you will do all of the homework and also get help from me. 

If you believe that you will not have time to do the homework, I advise you to drop the course right now and not waste your time and mine. Note that it looks like most students in this class may have a record of doing homework!  This message is not meant for those who are committed.  Last semester, all students who made a D or an F did less than 80% of the homework.  I had more As and Bs last semester than any other grades.  If you keep up with the work I pledge to you that I will help you anyway I can. If you need additional help, please schedule a Zoom Video Conference with me.  Zoom conferences helped a lot of students last semester.

4.      Download and read the syllabus carefully. Print a copy and keep it close to hand. (It can be found on D2L and on my web site.   Click on Syllabus
5.      Get familiar with the Pre-Calculus Resource page which is on my Precalculus web site:

This page has links to the syllabus, weekly schedule of topics with videos to watch, practice quizzes, and practice final with videos on how to work all practice problems.  You can also reach these resources through D2L.  Note that D2L is your only method for getting the notes for all sections covered in the videos.

6.      Watch Videos for First Week - This week start viewing the class video lectures (5.1, 5.2, and 5.3) and begin working on the first sections of homework listed for the week on MyMathLab that correspond to the sections covered in the videos.

Be sure to find a quiet place to watch the videos. MAKE SURE TO TAKE NOTES WHILE YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS as you would if you went to a classroom! This is where I believe most of the learning happens in the course as well as doing the HOMEWORK problems! You can print the basic class notes from the D2L website and take notes on my notes.  Or just start with a blank sheet of paper it's up to you how you want to do this. Be sure to keep a organized notebook with your class notes in it. You may want to use head phones when viewing the videos if necessary. You of course can view the video lectures as many times as you want, and they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I would appreciate any feedback from you on any part of the videos including requests for more explanations or questions you may have.

7.      The Graphing Calculator Is Central To Success! - The TI-83/84 graphing calculator (or the Plus versions) is required for the course.  The better you understand how to graph and interpret equations the higher your grade will be!  No unauthorized material may be stored in a calculator. Your calculator memory should be empty. NO CELL PHONES used as calculators! Those who are not proficient with the calculator will not do as well on tests.

As we progress through this semester I want to explore every avenue to help you all succeed.  Please contact me by e-mail for most requests.  If you have an urgent question, call me on my cell phone.  I want to explore ways to communicate including holding individual tutoring sessions ZOOM Video Conferencing.   If you have a question about how to work a problem, you can use the “Ask My Instructor” link on MyMathLab.  You may also take a photo of a problem and e-mail or send it by your cell phone.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. 
Last semester, ZOOM Video sessions proved to be very helpful for those who requested them.

First assignment is below and is discussed in the video and the attached notes for the video.

First Precalculus Assignment

Complete by Friday August 21.

Reply to this e-mail and answer each question in the e-mail after the question.

1.    What is your major?
2.    What profession do you plan to pursue?
3.    What would you like to have accomplished in 10 years?
4.    What is your favorite subject (it does not have to be math!)?
5.    What is the best way for me to give you help in Math?
6.    What do you enjoy doing when you are not studying?
7.    Which EGSC campus location could you easily come to for 4 proctored quizzes and the final exam? Swainsboro, Statesboro, or Augusta.  If none work for you respond with ProctorU.
8.    If you cannot come to campus for a proctored quiz, you need to inform me immediately so that we can make other arrangements.  Using ProctorU is a possibility only for students that cannot get to campus easily. The student pays a fee to take the exam.  The charge is generally about $20, but can vary with the length of the exam.  You may learn more about this option at the following web site:

9.  For the proctored Tests 1-4 and Final Exam please select the day (Thursday or Friday for tests and Wednesday or Thursday for final) and the time (9-11 am or 2-4 pm) for each test.

Test 1 - Sept 10 or Sept 11 specify am or pm  -  Is your schedule flexible Yes or No

Test 2 - Oct 15 or Oct 16 specify am or pm  -  Is your schedule flexible Yes or No

Test 3 – Nov 5 or Nov 6 specify am or pm  -  Is your schedule flexible Yes or No

Test 4 - Nov 19 or Nov 20 specify am or pm  -  Is your schedule flexible Yes or No

Final Exam Wednesday or Thursday Dec 9 or Dec 10 specify am or pm  -  Is your schedule flexible Yes or No

10. What is your cell number?  You do not have to share, but it might help communications.

11.    Share with me anything you care to about yourself.  You are not required to answer this question

12.  Do you have any questions?

Good Luck Everyone,

Dr. Bob Brown